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Reach out and let us know how we did!  (You can also submit reviews online by clicking the "Schedule Service Online" tab above.



Hunter, Boone, NC
Thank you so much for taking care of my furnace and keeping it going over the winter.  You were the tangible hands and heart of the Lord for me, and I appreciate what you did for me and your persistence in taking care of me when the furnace kept needing new parts.  I’ve never been this dependent before, and I was blessed to see my Father’s faithfulness through His people in providing for me.  May He bless you greatly for what you’ve done.


Rex, Sumter, SC
The air conditioning has been wonderful since the weather has been wet and humid.  I’m sure we will enjoy it for years to come.


Bill, Boone, NC
Everyone in your office is considerate, professional, thorough, and very much appreciated for your efforts in the hottest week of the recent past! Thank you for your promptness and your professionalism. You have my business and my recommendation.


Leslie, Charlotte, NC

Thank you for all the years that you have helped with maintaining our equipment.


John, Boone, NC
Thanks to your staff for a job well-done!


Harvey, Blowing Rock, NC
Just wanted to let you know we are very pleased with the AC installation.  Your crew displayed the technical skills and effort to get the job done well.  They were very polite and cordial, and we appreciate that.  You don’t find that in too many organizations today.  Thanks for top notch service,and we look forward to enjoying the cool air this summer.


Kathy, Boone, NC
Thank you so much for taking care of my furnace and air conditioner. You sent a very nice gentleman to take care of my furnace and air, and I appreciate that very much. I also appreciate your technician being there when you said he would.


Steve, Boone, NC
Edmisten is a wonderful company. I have been using them for 27 years.


Greg , Greensboro, NC
We sincerely appreciated John coming out on Christmas Day to repair our heat and were very sorry to interrupt his holiday.  Thanks very much!


Frank, Blowing Rock, NC

Thanks for your professional installation.


Elizabeth, Banner Elk, NC

I just wanted to express my appreciation to Edmisten Heating for a warm, comfortable, house.


Pat, Frostproof, FL

Thanks for the good service this past summer!


Marvin, Kingsport, TN
Thanks!  I appreciate the annual preventive maintenance and knowing we can call on you if we have a problem.


Diane, Hickory, NC
Thank you for the installation of our new battery operated thermostats.  Hopefully this will solve our high heating bills when there is a power outage.


Linda, Banner Elk, NC

My sincere thanks for responding so quickly to my call regarding the air conditioner at the condo.  You kept me from having to inconvenience the renters by moving them to another condo.  Whenever I am asked by anyone here at Elk River who I would suggest they call regarding a heating/ac problem, I always tell them to call you.